A look at the in’s and out’s of animation and what it takes to get an interface flying across the screen.  


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Something that could be passed on

The idea of this project came out of the need to tell a story and a past self struggling with the tools to do so. The things that are covered in this project are the skills and techniques that I wish I had known entering the Interaction Design major. This is meant to be a learning resource. Something that can be used for quick references as well as a tool for those that want to dive deeper.


Animating the Content

While most of the assets for this project were created with Illustrator, the bulk of the heavy lifting was done with an animation application called Aftereffects. This industry-standard software is a keystone in the storytelling process when it comes to coupling Ui with the world of motion.


Presenting the Content

So. I have all these cool animations created, now how do I share them? How can I create simple interactive website that showcase these animations? Turns out Edge, another adobe application was just the ticket. A keyframe based animation application, Edge is unique in that it can export html. Perfect for both quick websites and UI prototypes