Immersive NUI Shopping

As an exploration in natural user interface, this project's goal was to create an immersive in the home shopping experience which combined useful elements from both online and in store shopping experiences. In bringing the shopping experience into an immersive space users would be able to see the products  as it would be in their home.

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Aware of the space

Looking at technology roughly five years out the system that was behind our design was a basic augmented glasses display which was spatially and contextually aware of the setting. From this, the system would be able to recommend and provide information relevant to what the user was interacting with.


Process and Thinking


An interesting process that we explored during this project was green screening. Because we were involved with an augmented platform, we needed interfaces that appeared as if they were in the space.


One of the most effective tools while working on this project was the whiteboard. In addition to basic brainstorming we also use it as a way to do low fidelity interfaces. We were able to quickly experiment with different motions and gestures to determine what was appropriate for the UI and what felt natural to the user.



This was some basic storyboarding that helped guide us during the filming process. While not explicitly mentioned in the video, the scenario we were exploring to demonstrate the system was of a couple moving into a new house and the motions they went through to furnish their home.


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Room for improvement

While looking back and reflecting on this project, there are a few elements that we were not able to include. Expanding this project further, two major things that would be worth addressing are how multiple users would interact at the same time and how the display would dynamically change depending on its background.


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With Randy Huynh, Amy Baxter, Karin Kawauchi