Exploring the world of personal public displays

How do we interact with the people around us when our means of communication are extended with the help of technology? What does it mean to have a personal public display? Partnering with Intel these were questions that we hope to solve over a 10 week research oriented project.


Social broadcasting with the help of Billboard

Billboard is a media sharing application design by Intel Labs & Teague Design. Built for a specific platform in mind Billboard lived on a Asus TAICHI laptop which utilized its dual screens (second screen on lid) to enable users to manage and broadcast their content at the same time. 


Taking Billboard into the wild... hello

We wanted to get an understanding of how people broadcast and perceive personas and identities both intentionally and unintentionally, and how location influences these. We then wanted to explore how the Billboard application affects our and our peer’s communication of identity in public spaces. 

Differnt spots.jpg

Finding the right fit

Through observation and field research, we came to the conclusion that Billboard would have more potential for relevance and influence in scenarios where people are already engaged in joint activities. Something, such as gaming.

Screenshot 2014-03-19 10.49.02.png

User testing Billboard and its fit with Gaming

Our initial explorations into adding billboard into a gaming setting proved to be quite promising. We asked our participants to use the platform as a second level of communication while they gamed. Billboard was adopted with less awkwardness than what we had seen in other settings (coffee shops, libraries, etc).


Integrating in an additive way

Billboard fit well into the context of multi-player gaming because computers were integral part of the interaction between users and it was a social activity that invited players to communicate. Unlike using computers in cafes and libraries, gaming has proved to be a scenario where people can be in physical proximity, engaged in a computer related social activity, where they can incorporate Billboard in an additive way, instead of a disruptive way.



Further explorations in a world of gaming

The next question we tried to answer was how can we apply this interaction on a larger scale? With further explorations into the gaming culture including gaming cafes, tournament and streaming platforms we began to conceptualize an immersive gaming experience. 


Storyboards and Animations to tell a story

A story conceptualization  of a new type of multi-player gaming experience,  that aims to enrich the interactions and experiences of gamers and spectators in the face-to-face environment of a gaming cafe. We wanted to leverage and embrace trash talk as well as in-game events to give people a reason to get together outside of the home, and change the environment of gaming cafes from one where people are just there for the hardware, to a place to gather and share a fun social experience.