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Explorations into the world around me

Something that has always fascinated me is a story behind a place. The feelings forgotten objects can hold and how in silence one can almost feel the past pouring forward. With permission from the owner, these photos were taken from the Merc, an abandoned power plant built in 1907.



Bubbles and Fishtanks

After a few hours of bubbles, stinging nostrils and one very wet floor, this was the result. The prompt behind this project was to create a controlled environment. With the help of a fish tank, a good friend and a couple lights, I was able capture an environment that was not immediately apparent.



500 feet of string

This photo series came out of an idea that had been bouncing around in the back of my head. How does one remove themselves from the camera? And more importantly what can the camera see when it is not around the neck of the photographer  While researching different methods for automated photos, I can across firmware which was compatible with a small point-and-shoot camera that I had. In addition to 500 feet of string and couple of weather balloons, I was able to capture a new and interesting perspective.