Bringing it a little closer to home

Presently, the cloud lives in a space that feels distant from the world it controls. By integrating  the cloud more directly into our own system and spatial interactions; our goal was to create a seamless, simple, secure, and personal cloud experience for users and their personal data.



Seamless connection between user and their digital identity 

Backpack acts as point of entry for a user to their digital self through the devices that surround them. Core design would enable users to pull and push devices into and out of their personal clouds. In creating a platform in which any device can become the users device, the need for personal computers are no longer necessary.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 12.19.43 AM.png

Making you mobile with the cloud in your pocket

One of the things that we wanted to emphasize was the simplicity of connecting to devices. The mobile device acts as a key to one's digital self. Connecting the devices is as simple as pulling it from the orbit and bringing it into the users circle. Disconnecting this is as simple as tossing it back into the orbit.



Process and Thinking

In this project, I was heavily involved in the conceptual thinking behind BackPacks platform and interface, motion graphics, and video work. On the whole, our group was very strong and we were able to communicate effectively. Heavy focus was put on wire framing and creating mental maps for the system prior to prototyping.

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Process 1.jpg

Smoke and Mirrors

To tell a good story the platform needs to appear smooth and fluid. Prior to filming I was involved with creating motion graphics which we used for many of the screens.  These graphics created an illusion of a working system which had already been integrated into existing devices.


Early flows

Above was some of the early conceptualizations of the users flow when connecting the device and what it meant to connect to different services. Such as what does it mean to connect to a computer? What would it show? Netflix? Your editing suite? Social media?


Fall 2012


With Sam Cook, Willie Franklin and Dan Doan