Seeing the world in three dimensions is something that many of us do. The ability to tell stories in 3D is something that I enjoy doing. Both through my studies at the University of Washington and through my employment as a 3D lead at the Center for Environmental Visualization, I utilize industry-standard tools to tell these stories.



I am currently employed by the Center of Environmental Visualizations at the University of Washington as the 3D lead for a small group creating scientific visualization of the ocean floor. I work with key framing, texture mapping, video editing, and basic modeling in order to create compelling visualizations that have been used for TED talks, press releases and content development for UW scientists.


Axial Seamount, an active submarine volcano located on the edge of  Juan de Fuca Plate is a focus of OOI (Ocean Observatory Initiative). OOI is working to construct a networked infrastructure of science-driven sensor systems. I created a conceptual visualization of what a cabled observatory may look like on the sea floor while working with the group at the University of Washington, responsible this observatory


An exploration with skeletons systems and skin textures this project was demonstrating the ability to have unique movement within a school fish while maintaining an overall motion. This clip was part of a series that showcased different ocean process and lifeforms.